Searching for Swedish Filmjölk abroad

Being an Expat there are certain things from my home country that I just miss and kind of want to have here. Good quality knäckebröd is one such thing. Another thing is Filmjölk, kind of yoghurt, sour cream, milky acidic deliciousness. Filmjölk is good with above mentioned good quality knäckebröd crushed over a bowl of the Swedish thick milk. Or with fresh or frozen fruit, oatmeal, corn flakes or just by itself with a little sugar sprinkled on top or just plain.

On a Swedish Expat group on Facebook I saw this product being suggested as a substitute.

Roer yoghurt

I went at bought it for 65 euro cent at the Jumbo.

Then I mixed it with two defrosted strawberries and a handful of oatmeal.


Now for the judgement: It was a nice and refreshing snack, which could also be used for breakfast. But how close was it to Filmjölk? It did have the silkiness of the Filmjölk, but it lacked the acid punch of Filmjölk. So the search continues.

My boyfriend however wouldn’t be too happy if we found a Filmjölk-substitute here. Once when we were in Sweden there was Filmjölk at the breakfast table. At the time my boyfriend only knew that mjölk was milk, so he grabbed the package of Filmjölk and poured himself a glass of it. Filmjölk is not as liquid as milk and he dranked it and absolutely hated it. Sour out-of-date milk he thought it was. Since then he has never really touched it again.

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