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Kräftskiva – Swedish Crayfish Party

Kräftskiva – Swedish Crayfish Party

One of the things I actually didn’t do so much when I was living in Sweden, was attending crayfish parties. I did it a few times with family but apart from not that, not that much. Now when I live abroad I do it every 

Round&Round Rotterdam

Round&Round Rotterdam

  During the weekend I love spending time with family and friends, especially at coffee places. It’s a good way for me to wind down after the hustle and bustle of the working week. This Sunday my boyfriend and I met some friends at Round&Round 

The Kitchen Munchkin’s Carbonara

The Kitchen Munchkin’s Carbonara

This is my version of Carbonara, that we often cook when we want something filling and quick.

For a variation, this recipe also works with a few spoons of cream cheese instead of the creme fraiche. The Grana Padano can be substituted with Dutch oude kaas (old cheese) or just any hard cheese you may got at hand.

My directions are based on an electric stove. If you use gas, you might have to tweak the directions.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

Ingredients for Carbonara

1/2 zucchini

1 portobello (today I used portobello, but 100-200 grams of normal mushrooms are also fine)

1/2 packet bacon (around 80 grams)

1 teaspoon olive oil

200 ml creme fraiche

a handful of grated cheese (Grana Padano or other)

120 grams pasta

salt & pepper

Rinse the zucchini. Divide it in half. Scope out the seeds (this way the zucchini is way less slimy when cooked). Chop up the mushroom. Cut the bacon in pieces. Boil pasta water. When the water is almost boiling, put bacon in a frying pan which you put on a medium-high fire. Add the pasta to the boiling water. When the bacon is frying (if it gets slightly dry add the olive oil) and starting to crisp up, add the mushroom, fry for a minute. Add the zucchini. Fry for 1-2 minutes.


Add some salt and pepper. Add the creme fraiche. Mix. Boil for 2-3 minutes. Now the pasta should be done (al dente of course). Put the sauce off the heat if the pasta is not done. Drain the pasta and add it to the mixture. Mix. Add pepper.


Let it cook for about 30-45 seconds. Add the cheese. Mix.

Mixing action

Serve. Add some pepper to taste.

Searching for Swedish Filmjölk abroad

Searching for Swedish Filmjölk abroad

Searching for Swedish filmjölk

Mooi Nederland, part 1

Mooi Nederland, part 1

With this series I want to celebrate the beauty of the lower lands.