Kobe Curry

Kobe Curry

In november 2019 my fiancee and I went to Japan. We went from Tokyo to Hiroshima with multiple stops along the way. One of them was Kobe. Kobe is a cute relatively small Japanese city with lots of food options. And their own Manneke pis.

And the cutest Starbucks location.

The city museum is a very interesting history museum showing the history from Kobe from the very start with story telling and interesting objects.

We tried Kobe beef hamburgers and high grade meat for Korean BBQ. And Kobe beef! Everything super delicious 😀

Avocado Kobe Beef burger – delicious!
50’s style diner Wanto
The salad to the left is one of the best salads I’d ever eaten! This little place in the basement of a mall, was run by two ladies that took good care of you.
Nomnom (more on this in a later post)

We did have some fish as well at this tiny fish bowl restaurant that we found while walking around.

Also nomnom

A nice excursion is to go the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens with the Ropeway and then walk the way down. Here you can walk through the garden and visit small shops. Here I had the first lavendel ice cream that actually didn’t taste like soap. I had ordered a vanilla flavoured ice cream, because I didn’t want to eat soap again… I regretted that.

In one of those shops we got this instant Kobe Curry made with wine from Kobe.

The instructions were pretty straightforward: heat it up in boiling water for 5-6 minutes or in the microwave.

We served it with some Japanese garlic rice and an egg. Really delicious! We still have the spicy version – saving for a rainy day in these quarantine times.

I really want to go back to Japan some day. Beautiful nature, nice people and amazingly delicious food. I hope to write more about this. Maybe Osaka? Or Nara? Or Matsumoto? Coming soon.

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