Pulled chicken from the slow cooker

Pulled chicken from the slow cooker

Here comes a simple recipe with hardly any prepping or watching of the stove.


2 chicken thighs 1/2 onion, minced ketchup, enough to cover the chicken in the pot onion powder paprika powder a pinch of cayenne worchestershire sauce apple cider vinegar mustard sugar salt pepper

Clean the chicken if needed. Mince the onion. Mix in a bowl ketchup, onion powder, paprika powder, cayenne, worchestershire sauce, vinegar, mustard, sugar and salt. Maybe 1 teaspoon each of onion powder and paprika powder, but use your own tastebuds. I took too much mustard the first time, which was OK, but a bit heavy on it. Put the chicken, onion and sauce in the slow cooker and put it on high.

Chicken, onion and sauce waiting to be cooked
Put the slow cooker to high
Now all you have to do is wait, easy right?

Let it cook for 3 hours. This doesn’t give you that much pulled chicken, enough for two wraps. Increase the amounts for more.

The finished result – a deep flavour and tasty chicken!

Eet smakelijk! Smaklig måltid!

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